Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Different with traditional cycle track with separation of footpath, shared path would adopt share space of pedestrian and cyclists concept, both parties could enjoy the pathway. Thus, the open space area and harbourfront could be efficiently utilized. It could also facilitate the integration of cycling route and the surrounding environment, optimize the connection between open space areas within the district and enhance the coherence of the overall design.

The Shared Path is currently authorized by the Director of Leisure and Cultural Services Department in accordance with “Pleasure Grounds Regulation”, which to set aside a section of pleasure ground for riding bicycle. Hence, it is not allowed to ride bicycle within park area.

Children must seek parental or guardian consent before riding a bicycle. Children under 11 year-old must be accompanied by an adult to ride bicycle on the Shared Path.

You can park your bicycles temporarily on the side of the Shared Path, but make sure the bicycles:
  1. Will not obstruct pedestrians;
  2. Does not pose a hazard (e.g. forcing pedestrians off the carriageway); and
  3. Does not interfere with the sight line of other users

No, it is not allowed.

No, it is not allowed.

The Shared Path will not affect the current use of the promenade; pets will continue to be allowed in pet-friendly areas.

The trial scheme of Shared Path at Central to Wan Chai Promenade reopens on March 27, 2024 so that public can cycle in the promenade until August 28, 2024.