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The trial scheme of Shared Path at Central to Wan Chai Promenade reopens on March 27, 2024 so that public can cycle in the promenade until August 28, 2024.
Please note that the pilot scheme will no longer provide bicycle rental services. Citizens are encouraged to bring their own bicycles and enjoy cycling on the Shared Path.

Past Events

HK Shared Path Bicycle Workshop

Location: Bicycle Station (Central) - next to Central Pier No. 10
Date: 20 Jan 2024 (14:00 - 17:00)
Guest: Domino Chau (Due to unwellness, Coach Chau will not be present for the workshop; the workshop will be led by other coaches.)

Coach Domino Chau is invited to host a bicycle clinic, cycling lessons and games about Shared Path! Everyone is welcome and all activities are free of charge!

HK Shared Path Workshop

Location: Bicycle Station (Central)
Date: 24 Jun 2023 (14:00 - 17:00) & 29 Jul 2023 (14:00 – 17:00)

Game booth for public to learn about background of Shared Path, etiquette and safety

Cycling Safety Day cum Anti-deception Promotional Activities

Location: Bicycle Station (Central)
Date: 20 May 2023 (14:00 - 17:00)

Collaborated with Hong Kong Police Force to promote Shared Path and cycling safety

HK Shared Path Bicycle Workshop

Location: Bicycle Station (Central)
Date: 15 Apr 2023 (14:30 - 16:30)
Guest: Domino Chau

Sharing safety information of Shared Path, bicycle repair knowledge, experience cycling along HK Shared Path

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