Signages of Shared Path


Cycling is only allowed within Shared Path boundary


Cycling should follow designated side with bicycle signs

Pedestrians are advised to follow the footprint signs

Mutual understanding and compromise at junctions

Watch out for vehicles at the junction

Reduce cycling speed and watch out for pedestrians

Photomontage of Shared Path
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Photomontage of Shared Path
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Cyclists' Code

The DO's
Cyclists should aware of your surroundings and stay vigilant, give way to pedestrians (especially children, elderly and those with limited mobility) and animals
Stop cycling immediately if there are too many pedestrians or pets nearby, or chance of an accident
Cycling near designated side with steady speed
While cycling at night or in poor visibility, a white lamp in the front and a red lamp at the rear must be switched on
Use the horn only when necessary
A child under the age of 11 who rides or steers a multi-cycle must be accompanied by an adult
The DON'Ts
Do not exceed cycling speed of 10km/h as cyclists cannot stop immediately if a child or animal suddenly rushes out
Do not station your bicycle in the middle of the Shared Path causing obstruction
Do not ride bicycle outside the Shared Path
Do not carry passenger, or carry anything which might obstruct your view, affect your balance or complete control of your cycle
Do not wear earphones with high volume or use mobile device while cylcing